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About Us

Step into a world where cleanliness meets dedication—welcome to Clenvie. Our story unfolds as a family-owned business, born during the challenging times of the COVID era, where the demand for safe and inviting spaces inspired us to make a difference.


At Clenvie, our mission is to redefine the vacation rental experience through meticulous cleaning services. Beyond the sparkle, we aspire to create sanctuaries that resonate with guests, ensuring they enjoy a stay that is not only refreshing but truly unforgettable.

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Our values guide our every action


We are committed to excellence in every facet, ensuring that each property we touch becomes a haven of purity and charm.


Rooted in our family ethos, reliability is the cornerstone of our service. Hosts can trust us to deliver, maintaining the highest standards with unwavering consistency.


Recognizing the dynamic nature of the vacation rental industry, our flexible services and scheduling options adapt to the unique needs of each property.



Beyond cleaning, we believe in building a community of satisfied hosts and guests. Our relationships extend beyond the cleaning service, fostering positivity and connection.

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Our Journey

Clenvie emerged from a family's determination to contribute positively to the vacation rental landscape in the wake of the pandemic. Our original vision was clear: to offer a dependable, thorough, and family-oriented cleaning service that would help hosts navigate the heightened expectations for cleanliness.


Fueled by a passion for hospitality and a commitment to service excellence, we swiftly transformed from a local family initiative into a trusted cleaning partner for vacation rental owners across the region. Our growth is attributed to our dedication to quality and reliability, as well as to our team of cleaning professionals who share our core values.

Striving to be the Best Service Providers

At Clenvie, we transcend the role of mere service providers; we are collaborative partners in the success of your vacation rental. Our team is dedicated to constant improvement, adapting to meet the evolving needs of the industry. We understand the significance of being more than a cleaning service—being an invaluable asset to property owners aspiring to provide unforgettable experiences to their guests.


As we expand, our commitment to being the best service providers remains unyielding. We eagerly anticipate each opportunity to transform vacation rentals into Clenvie sanctuaries—places where cleanliness meets comfort, and where every guest feels an authentic sense of belonging. Thank you for choosing Clenvie, where your satisfaction is paramount, and where every clean is a pledge to excellence.

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